Key Thoughts: Relevant images while making with reality

Archive Date: January 18, 2018
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In reading Nina Simon’s The Art Of Relevance I was struck with the paradox of relevance she writes about in her exploratory mission. Quoting Simon, “I believe relevance unlocks new ways to build deep connections with people who don’t immediately self-identify with our work” and “I believe relevance is the key to a locked room where meaning lives” (Simon 2016, 23) I am fascinated with keys, windows, doors, and paths in general in an alternative reality. Finding through lines in an age of multiplicity is one that I am usually always seeking, so I am excited to continue this reading on relevance. 


As a choreographer, my intention is usually based on making work that is relevant and connects to others and information, however, the process of this is not focused on the making of meaning. If I set out to make a work of meaning it usually will become restricted to whatever meaning I am searching for through one perspective – my own. In the age of multiplicity and knowledge from those that consume art has become and is a state of what I feel relates to consumerism. Just as branding has become integrated into the ways we “market” our digital selves as a means to connect with consumers. These ways of connecting can become restricting.

Sometimes I think relevance is just meeting a moment at that moment it appears. Sometimes digging into the research speaks a common language adding layers of multiplicity while still remaining transparent. This area is the key.

More to come on “what is relevant” as an art form.

 Simon, Nina. 2016. The Art Of Relevance. Santa Cruz, CA: Museum 2.0.